Activity: Easy, fun soap foam recipe

By: G8 Education Team


Unstructured outdoor play is best for children in the early years. If you have a back yard at your home, take your child outside for as much of the day as weather permits.

If you don’t have a back yard, enjoy exploring the neighbourhood or the local outdoor spaces together.

Sit back and enjoy some time watching your child running around, kicking balls and exploring how their bodies move.

If you’d like to organise an activity for them in the back yard, here is one great idea.



  • Bubble bath or body wash (make sure it’s tear-free)
  • Water
  • Food colouring



  1. Make a 2:1 ratio mix – 2 parts bubble bathto 1-part water. A good amount to make is 1/2 cup bubble bath with 1/4 cup of water.
  2. Beat it with a wooden spoon or whisk until it becomes really foamy. Find a mixer so that your child can join in with this.
  3. Put into a large, flat container, somewhere that mess can easily be cleaned. This can be used on its own for bubbly fun or you could add in containers and toys!