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Our Story

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Welcome to Buggles Early Learning and Kindy.

Buggles Early Learning and Kindy was founded back in 2002 with our first centre opening at Cherry Court in Morley. Since then we have been carefully growing to meet the needs of the community by opening centres in areas that show a strong demand for quality education and childcare. We are now conveniently situated in 17 locations across Perth and offer specialised educational programs and exceptional care for babies, toddlers and kindy aged children.

At Buggles, we are a passionate group of educators determined to provide care of the highest standards in a safe and secure environment that you can trust. We believe that every child is unique and they bring to our centre their own special qualities. We provide a warm, supportive and caring environment in which all children can grow socially, cognitively and emotionally. We help children develop a positive self-image and a healthy attitude towards learning and play.

Our Approach

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As educators who believe in the importance of early education, we have adopted a rich curriculum that draws inspiration from the Reggio Emilia Approach. Mirroring our belief that children are intelligent, curious and valuable individuals, our educational program is designed to provide children with an environment that delivers multi – sensory stimulation and learning opportunities. Expressive arts like sculpture, dramatic play, shadow play, puppetry, dancing, music, painting, ceramics, construction and writing are just some of the ways in which we encourage children to learn, socialise and understand the world around them. 

We believe in surrounding children with natural and sustainable materials and an environment that encourages curiosity, learning and respect. At each of our centres, space is used imaginatively and with careful consideration as we understand and recognise the instructive power of a child’s environment. We promote the use of open-ended resources and keep spaces light and airy. Our outdoor areas have also been developed to ensure children can flow freely between the indoor and outdoor learning environments. They include vegetable patches, relaxation spaces, sand, music, art studios, large scale construction and marking making areas etc. All our spaces have been designed to capture and incite children’s creativity, choices, exploring and investigating skills, thinking and reflecting skills, project and social participation, communication and privacy.

Safety and security at Buggles

Every Buggles centre is held to the highest safety, cleanliness and maintenance standards in the industry. Our centres are accessible by single-entry security with either keypad or swipe card access and there are no external entry points to the playground or outdoor areas. A detailed record is kept of every child’s daily arrival and departure times and the adult responsible for picking up and dropping off the child must sign the record. A child will not be released to a person under the age of 18. 

All staff at our centres are trained in first aid and asthma & anaphylactic care and no staff member will be present without a current Working With Children’s check. At Buggles we hold our safety and security procedures in the highest regard and will not compromise on safety or apologise for being overtly vigilant when it comes to the protection of your children

Our Team

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At each of our centres, the Centre Manager is at the helm of the team and is integral to the day-to-day operations of our centres. Every Centre Manager surrounds themselves with the most qualified and experienced staff to provide the best possible education and care for your child. Every Buggles educator has the appropriate training and qualifications, and is employed in accordance with the industry regulations applicable within Western Australia. We have educators of all ages and each brings their own unique experience, strengths and a little bit of magic to our centres. Our educators are qualified in teaching or early childhood studies and either have or are working towards a Certificate III, Diploma or Bachelor of Education. Most importantly, at Buggles the motivation and individual strengths of every member is equally as important as their qualifications. We make sure every team member is friendly, welcoming, helpful and supportive and has the personality and compassion needed to give your child the consistent level of care they deserve.

To implement and support our curriculum Buggles has developed an exceptional educational structure and program. At the head of this structure is the Early Years Education and Care Leader who provides the expertise and leadership required including support, training and guidance to all centre staff. The Early Years Education and Care Leader also ensures that the quality education provided and promoted at each centre is in line with the Reggio Emilia Approach.

Curriculum Leaders

Buggles centre’s have a Curriculum Leader employed to support the centre educators with education programming and the implementation of the Reggio Emilia Approach. The Curriculum Leaders are a unique strategy that Buggles devised to ensure the ongoing development of the staff thereby creating the best possible learning environments for each child. They provide training to educators within the centre, provide support in creating meaningful programs and work on developing the physical environments in which the child learns and plays.

Early Childhood Teachers

Meeting governmental and NQF regulations, all Buggles Early Learning and Kindy centres now have a qualified Early Childhood Teacher as part of the team. The Early Childhood Teacher assists the Executive Centre Manager and the Curriculum Leaders in developing, implementing and reviewing educational programs and demonstrates a superior understanding of the NQF, EYLF and Reggio Emilia approach. They also provide support to Leading Educators and Educator Assistants to foster strength, determination, kindness and a passion for learning in every child thus providing them with the best start to life.

Our Families

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At Buggles we aim to provide a trusted environment where everyone can enjoy a flexible program full of fun, learning, and social interactions. We understand and value the role that families play in the formative years of a child. We encourage close and frequent communication with families leading to a high degree of family participation and involvement. We also believe in helping all children understand, appreciate and respect various social and cultural diversities within our community. All children at Buggles Early Learning and Kindy receive equal opportunities regardless of socio-economic background, ethnicity, gender, race or ability.

We, as Educators, are focused on creating the best foundation for your child’s future educational development and care.

Our Philosophy

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At Buggles we are inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach, an early childhood program developed in Italy. The Reggio Emilia Approach is internationally recognised for the value it places on the education and care of children.

A key principle of the ‘Reggio Approach’ is the understanding that each child is capable and competent and our role as educators is to provide the materials, the environment and the educational support that will enable each child to both consolidate and develop further skills.

  1. We believe every child has the right to make choices in regards to their learning. Our Educators encourage and facilitate each child’s social, cognitive, emotional, physical, moral and creative development through a variety of experiences including; play-based learning experiences, creative exploration and investigations.
  2. We believe every child should feel a strong sense of wellbeing. We build sound relationships with the children entrusted in our care and ensure that children feel a sense of ‘belonging’. We have a holistic approach to wellbeing and believe that it encompasses physical health, diet, emotional wellbeing, sense of belonging and security/safety.

Our environment is carefully designed to allow for individual, small group and large group work. Materials are arranged in an ordered and accessible manner to allow the children to focus on the task at hand and engage with peers.

  1. We believe that the environment is the ‘third teacher’ and therefore it is essential that we set up the environment in a manner that encourages engagement and exploration.
  2. We believe that the environment should reflect our love of nature and our views on sustainability. Treating the environment with respect is an essential life skill that can be gained by modelling and instruction within our centres.

We build close relationships with families and encourage a high degree of involvement and participation. Documentation enables parents to share in our observations of children and follow their daily program.

  1. We believe that the participation of families fosters a positive and healthy learning experience and through a collaborative approach we can obtain the best outcomes for the children. Families are invited to share in their child’s learning, attend centre events, spend time in the centre and participate in project work.

We aim to be at the forefront of early childhood education and provide a rich program that incorporates the principles, practice and outcomes outlined in both the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standards.

  1. We believe the early years are the foundational years and by providing meaningful learning experiences we can nurture a love of learning. We understand the early years are the key years for brain development and offer experiences to engage and stimulate the children.

We provide professional development to all our Educators. We believe in creating a community of learners and as such we acknowledge that learning is ongoing and lifelong.

7. We believe that learning is ongoing and we constantly seek to develop our own knowledge and thereby offer richer experiences to the children in our care. All our Educators receive regular professional development and are supported in their role by the Early Education and Care Leader and a centre based Curriculum Leader. We believe in creating a community of learners and as such we acknowledge that learning is ongoing and lifelong.