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Welcome to Buggles Childcare Baldivis

We are very proud of our Baldivis early education centre and are passionate about providing your child with the best possible educational start in life.

Baldivis Child & Day Care Centre Near Me - BugglesWe employ the very best educators at Buggles Early Learning and Kindy. Our educators hold qualifications from Certificate III and Diploma in Children’s Services through to BA level Early Childhood Qualifications as well as speaking many languages. Our educators are professional practitioners and observe closely, listen to children carefully and give value to their ideas and then create strategies to build on their interests.

At Buggles Baldivis we believe that learning is fun and aim to provide a large range of activities that cater to your child. Our curriculum and programs are based on the Reggio Emilia Approach to early education, which sees children as capable and competent individuals. As educators we are passionate in providing the materials, the environment and the educational support that will enable each child to both consolidate and develop further skills. We encourage confidence in children to learn and express their thoughts and ideas through various cues like body language, art, drama, music, and dance.

Baldivis Kindergarten & Preschool Near Me - Buggles ChildcareThroughout Buggles Childcare Baldivis, there is a purpose to the design, programs and spaces used. Areas have been created to promote children’s research and autonomous discovery and cater to both individual exercises and interactions within small groups. Our areas also offer opportunity for privacy and quiet experiences ensuring that children receive ample rest and relaxation. We use each space imaginatively and with careful consideration by having a very limited use of commercial toys and by promoting the use of open-ended resources. We nurture a sense of respect for the environment and teach children to live, learn and behave in a sustainable, calm and loving manner.

Services we provide include:

  • Care for ages birth to five years
  • Nutritious meals for breakfast, Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack
  • Specialised kindergarten programs
  • Regular incursions
  • Large natural outdoor play environments

We welcome you to visit and find out more about our beautiful centre!

Centre Manager profile

Lani Andersen

Buggles Baldivis Childcare Centre ManagerHi, my name is Lani Andersen and I am the Centre Manager of Buggles Baldivis. My career in Early Childhood Education began in 2010, where I obtained my Diploma of Early childhood Education. Throughout my time within the industry, it is the children who I have cared for that have formed my personal philosophy. I believe each child should be valued and nurtured as an individual, provided with high quality care and supported in all aspects of learning.

As manager, I pride myself on my ability to motivate, inspire and nurture the Buggles team. I believe this is vital in providing the highest quality of care, a welcoming and wholesome environment.  We are a diverse team who each and every day brings passion, dedication, innovation, laughter, excitement and imagination to their role. It is these qualities that allow us to provide quality care and fulfilling experiences each day.

I am often asked “why do you work in child care?” my answer is always the same.

Each day I get to watch children learn, discover, imagine and become independent beings. It is humbling to know that I have helped shaped a child’s life and I am trusted to do so.

Finally, I want to share one of my favourite quotes about children:

Creativity seems to emerge from multiple experiences, coupled with a well-supported development of personal resources, including a sense of freedom to venture beyond the known. 
—Loris Malaguzzi, 
The Hundred Languages of Children



Our centre provides care for the following age groups:


Toddler 1

Toddler 2

Kindy 1

Kindy 2

0 – 12 months

1 – 2 years

2 – 3 years

3 – 4 years

3 – 5 years


Our service provides the following facilities:

  • Breakfast
  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Swipe card security
  • Veggie Garden
  • On-site parking
  • In-house cook
  • Halal meal options
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Large, natural play environments
  • Early Childhood Teacher


See what some of our parents say about our centre:

“Absolutely love Buggles! My son has been attending since he was 7 months old and loves it there! All the staff are extremely friendly and approachable. Every morning when we arrive we are greeted by name and with a big smile, and when we leave, the same. The staff are very informative, and keep me updated on my son’s progress. The daily reports and photos are great so I can see what hes been up to. All the food is nutritious, and the centre in very clean. My son has truly thrived since he began there and really enjoys going. Cannot recommend this place enough.”

– Tamy


“Both of my children are in full time care here and absolutely love it. Communication is honest and open and the outdoor area is fantastic !!! All of the carers are great and clearly lover their jobs.”

– Emma


“Sending our Daughter to Buggles Baldivis was the best decisions we ever made. In just 6 months, our shy, quiet and very timid toddler blossomed into a vibrant social butterfly! She used to hide behind us or cry when seeing anyone new, now she chats to absolutely anybody who is within earshot. The staff are all so friendly, attentive and caring and are genuinely interested in making sure each child’s individual needs are met. The range of activities and educational projects is amazing, from cooking, to gardening, dancing and craft, they are always busy. But the best thing for us is the absolute saturation of language that the kids are immersed in all day long. The staff are always talking and conversing with the children, so that they are constantly learning. We are impressed daily with new words our daughter knows. And cannot thank the staff at Buggles enough for everything they have done and continue to do for us.”

– Kirsty


“Placing my children into daycare was made a lot easier by the support and constant feedback provided by the carers at Buggles Baldivis. Sure those first few weeks are daunting for any parent and not every child adapts at the same rate but I have seen my daughter grow to be a very happy and well-adjusted child. For me though it’s the days where she is upset that, the carers step up and provide that extra cuddle or reassurance that all is ok. It comforts me to know that when I can’t be with her, I trust she’s in a safe and nurturing environment. Now her brother has joined the centre I am seeing the same delight she has had getting to make friends and achieving milestones. Sharon and the team are only a call away to get a quick update on how the kids are going. The learning program and opportunity to provide input and suggestions reassures me the children are involved and engaged in both academic and recreational activities in a fun and supportive manner.”

– Renae


“I have been using Buggles since 2014, first with my daughter and now with my son.  I have never had any issues with the Centre or with any staff member. The staff are always friendly and willing to help. My son has slight separation anxiety and doesn’t like to leave me when being dropped off, but once a staff member offers assistance he is willing to go to them and say goodbye, that makes me feel at ease to leave.  Sharon, the Centre Manager is friendly and approachable. I highly recommend Buggles Baldivis to anyone looking for Childcare.”

– Lorraine


“We can’t rate Buggles highly enough. The staff get to know the kids as individuals and my son has thrived since being at the centre.”

– Jessica

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