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brookfield-place-buggles-33At Buggles Brookfield Place, the environment is considered to be the “third teacher” and as such it is respected, protected and considered of high value by educators and children alike. Our environment at the centre has connecting spaces that flow into one another. This type of openness lends itself to participation and interactions. Multi-functional furniture is used to divide off areas and also to display children’s work in progress. 

Throughout Brookfield Place spaces all have a purpose and have been designed to promote children’s research and autonomous discovery both as an individual and within small groups and also offer opportunity for privacy and quiet experiences (rest and relaxation). We use each space imaginatively and with careful consideration by having a very limited use of commercial toys and by promoting the use of open-ended resources. We keep spaces light and do not overdress areas with heavy material or carpets. Our outdoor areas have been developed to ensure children can flow freely between the indoor and outdoor learning environments and include vegetable patches, relaxation space, areas to grow and care for living things, sand, music, art studios, large scale construction and marking making areas. We aim to create a beautiful place for children to be and thrive in. Creativity, choices, exploring and investigating, thinking and reflecting, project participation, communication and privacy are all elements we continue to consider when creating and evolving spaces for children.

Expressive arts are a vehicle we use for learning (sculpture, dramatic play, shadow play, puppetry, dancing, music, painting, ceramics, construction and writing). As part of our approach in the art studios the art materials are stored in see through containers to assist children with self-selection and are presented creatively and attractively to attract children’s interest.

In Brookfield Place Baby and Toddler rooms, multi-sensory environments have been created using draped transparent materials, diffused light and plants and are maintained as de-cluttered organised spaces. We strive to have each room appeal to all of the children’s senses by using texture on the floor and walls.  Mirrors have been used to enable children to see things from different angles and where tables are used they are very low almost at floor level. 

Our educators hold qualifications from Certificate III and Diploma in Children’s Services through to BA level Early Childhood Qualifications as well as speaking many languages. Our educators are professional practitioners and observe closely, listen to children carefully and give value to their ideas and then create strategies to build on their interests.

Our educators:

  • Know each child
  • Support and encourage children
  • Get them to reflect on their learning
  • Allow children to make mistakes and solve problems
  • Research the ways in which children learn and the best practices around
  • Have a clear vision and positive values which are shared by every one at Buggle 
  • Actively listen to the children and respect their ideas Foster children’s creativity 
  • Facilitate the time for children to build on their current knowledge and interest 
  • Maintain effective and attractive environments for development and learning
  • Value the contributions of carers, families and parents

We are taking inspiration from the Reggio Emilia Approach to early education to develop and create our own high quality centre and professional practices that meet the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Framework standards whilst ensuring they are appropriate to our context and culture.

Centre Manager profile

Kellyann Zugaro

How long have you been working in early education?

Since 2005.

What is your favourite part of working at the centre? 

Watching the children grow and encouraging them through their journey to learn through play.

What qualifications do you hold?

Diploma in Children’s Services

What are you most passionate about?

I am very passionate about play and freedom. I believe outside is just as important as inside and we help facilitate this at our service by incorporating excursions in our centre monthly for all children and allowing our children to play outside in all weather types. Our kindy children also sleep outside.

What makes your team/centre special?

We have a very multicultural team who have strong connections with the community and families.

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

I have always wanted to work with children as they are my passion.

What is one of your hobbies?

Spending time with my son and creating lasting memories with him.

What message would you like to tell parents considering your centre?

Our centre is a safe place for your child to grow, learn and be loved. Please come in and see our service for your self as we would love to meet you.

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Our centre provides care for the following age groups:

Baby Room Toddler Room Kindy Room
0 – 16 months 16 months – 2.5 years 2.5 years – 5 years


Our service provides the following facilities:

  • Breakfast
  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Swipe card security
  • Sustainability program
  • Veggie garden
  • On-site parking
  • Dance program
  • SMART Interactive Whiteboard
  • Classroom technology – computers
  • In-house cook
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Large, natural play environments
  • Water Play area
  • Early Childhood Teacher


See what some of our parents say about our centre:

“Extremely happy with the center and the love and care of educators to my 16 month old twins. It is unbelievable the amount of activities that they can organise in a day for the babies. The Kindyhub app allows you to see pictures of what they have been doing during the day and share them if you want. My family in Spain waits for the pictures everyday.

Strongly recommend the center and the Educators. Thanks Ale, Veronica and Nadeesha for the good work. Thank you to Rosalie, the cook for remembering wishing me a good weekend every Thursday because Friday we stay at home (amazing attention to detail). Thanks also for the kind smiles of all the educators in toddlers every morning when I cross the room to leave the pram. A happy mum”

– Begona


“The boys love Buggles – we thank all the staff at Buggles for the wonderful care that you have provided for our 3 boys. Special thanks to Conchita, Julianne, Justine and the girls in the baby room who have kept our boys in line. Also to Rosalie for the food she has made them that they love and think is tastier than mine!”

– Regina and Paul Oakeley


“The team at Buggles Brookfield Place has always been more than just professional – they have been full of new ideas, enthusiasm and empathy. I have and will continue to recommend them to friends.”

– James


“Buggles childcare centre is conveniently located near BHP. It means to us that we are just one door away from our daughter and we can spend lunch time with her or pay more visits during the day. When we visited Buggles in the first place, we liked the place: a new building with good access and a drop-off car park. Rooms have big windows that provide enough natural light. More importantly, children development is a priority in Buggles; Educational program for each room is followed closely and children learn new skills by attending designed activities. Educators are friendly, energetic and motivated to look after children and provide details of each child’s activities to parents at the end of each day. Additionally, the centre interacts with parents and take parents’ suggestions into account to improve the quality of education.”

– Zhara Seyedmehdi


“This centre is fantastic and very hygenic. The centre sets a high standard. The educators are very friendly and make the kids feel at home 🙂 Also, the daily learning/playing activities they do and sharing of the same is just amazing!!! 5 star!!!!!”

– Amit

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