Introducing Parent TV: Your Go-To Parenting Resource

Parenting is the ever-changing, 24/7 job you can never be fully be prepared for. With a wealth of information now available in this digital age, finding reliable parenting advice can be overwhelming  – and asking for advice on public forums can be equally just as daunting.  

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ParentTV, our way of further assisting families to feel confident, empowered and supported in their parenting roles. 

From today, our families will now be able to access ParentTV where there is a wealth of parenting resources – free to you as part of the G8 family* 

What is ParentTV 

ParentTV is like Netflix for parenting, your one-stop shop for genuine and trustworthy information from qualified parenting experts in Australia. Information is presented through on-demand videos and resources, and covers a range of topics for ages from birth through to adolescence.  

Here’s what sets ParentTV apart from other parenting resources:  

  • Over 750 videos from over 30 experts – including Maggie Dent, Dr Kaylene Henderson and Dr Justin Coulson 
  • Full access to reliable advice on a wide range of parenting topics 
  • Personal sign-in to build your own profile, with tailored content just for you  
  • Search and watch without judgment in the privacy of your own home  
  • Content from pregnancy through to adolescence to support you every step of the way 

Want a sneak peak of what’s on offer? Check out this video by Parenting Author Maggie Dent: 

If you’re a parent at one of our centres, you’ll now have complimentary access to ParentTV!  

Current families are able to sign up for their ParentTV account using the same email address that you have registered in the Xplor Home app. Click below to sign up: 

*Subject to terms and conditions at