Science Week at Buggles Beckenham

This week, Buggles Beckenham celebrated Science Week in the Kindy room. The children participated in a variety of science experiments each day.  These learning experiences encouraged curiosity, exploration and experimentation. The activities also developed science inquiry skills such as questioning, problem solving and finding answers.

Making Oobleck 

On Monday, the kindy children had the opportunity to participate in a science experiment by making oobleck. Oobleck can also be called goop and slime. By involving the children to make the goop and experiment its texture, we learnt about how it can have turned into a liquid (watery consistency) and solid (a harder material), by merely playing with it. 


Colour Exploration & Play 

On Tuesday, the children participated in a science experience to explore colours using vinegar, baking soda and food colouring. We spread a layer of bi carb soda on one tray and mixed water, vinegar and food colouring on another tray. Then, we invited each child to use a dropper and squeeze drops of the coloured vinegar water onto the bi carb soda. Together, we carefully observed the reactions that happened.

The children loved observing the chemical reactions that took place. We hypothesised about what would happen as they added different colours, and explored colour mixing to create some colourful artwork. 


Shaving Cream Rain Clouds

On Wednesday, the children did a science experiment called shaving cream rain clouds. The purpose of this experiment was to explore different colours and textures of rains, clouds and storms. 

For this experiment, we poured water into a transparent jar, and then topped it with a layer of shaving cream. The children then took turns adding in drops of different colours of food colouring into the shaving cream. We then closely observed how the shaving cream absorbed the different colours, and watched as it trickled down the jar. 

​The children were absolutely enthralled with all these science activities. We can’t wait to extend on these experiences in the future! 

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